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Get a Free Quote

It would be our pleasure to provide a custom quote for your home this Christmas season.  We offer exterior light installation for your home and lawn.


Screenshot 2023-09-10 220652.jpg

  • Our average job starts at $1,400 per installation.

  • Setup is typically in the months of October and November.

  • The lights are removed no later than January 31st.

  • After initial install, we will provide two free maintenance visits to address any issues with bulbs

  • Progeny provides the lights, timers and extension cords which will be customized to fit your home.  This is done via our all-inclusive pricing.  The lights are a commercial, high quality product (C9 lights in warm white is our typical product offering for most homes). 

  • We are not able to use client provided products/lights for install.

  • Progeny provides storage in the off-season.  If you elect to do Christmas lights the following season, they will be stored, labeled and ready for installation unless you opt to change your lighting design.

  • We can also provide exterior wreaths, garland, tree wraps, etc.

  • 50% of the approved quote will need to be paid in advance of your scheduled installation.

We appreciate your inquiry and will respond promptly to your request!


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